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Имя: Abem
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Рост: 173 cm.

Возраст: 51

Цель знакомства: Брак

Пол: Мужчинa

Дети: Нет детей

Семейное положение: Не в браке

Знание языков: - Английский
Пол партнера: - Мужчину

О себе: I\'m at the point of wanting, yearning, and hoping to find a person that I can share my love, care , dreams, aspirations, and goals. I\'m a single man who happens to be faithful, trustworthy, and intelligent. I don\'t claim to know a lot about everything, but a little of everything. I am easy-going and I enjoy socializing with people. I don\'t like to argue because it leads no where. We\'ve all experienced bumps and grinds in the road, and I am no exception. I try to be optimistic because everyone wants to achieve happiness and a feeling of contentment.In the end, I have reached a point where I am ready to make a commitment to share my life with a special woman.

О партнере: I can not describe the woman I am looking for because you are all different and unique. I have to take you as you are. I would like to find a woman that is ready to start a new chapter in her life. A woman who knows what she wants and yet not afraid to take chances.

Место нахождения: United States / Texas / Houston

Язык анкеты: Английский

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