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Имя: Anna
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Рост: 167 cm.

Возраст: 40

Цель знакомства: Брак

Пол: Женщинa

Дети: Нет детей

Семейное положение: Не в браке

Знание языков: - Английский
- Русский
Пол партнера: - Мужчину

О себе: The range of my hobbies is very wide. I study at the dancing & theatre club. I’d love to travel & spend time on nature. I work for a small company at the present moment which provides district with gaze, water , hitting. And now about my character : I’m true woman & friend I’d like the man to posses the same qualities. I’d like him to appreciate family life, to be sensual, athletic, educated, caring, desire for children & mutual understanding. I’d like to spend time with my friends, rest on nature, listen to the classical music. I like when it’s a rainstorm , to feel wind blowing on my face to smell fresh air. I’d like to get everything from the life: I mean experience, feelings, impressions. I’d like share it with a man of my destiny. I think that to live a happy life together people should have the same interests & support each other in all life conditions.
read a books meteng with friends

О партнере: Looking forward to meeting a clever, with a sense of humor, tender, kind man. I think friendship and love are the most important parts of relationship.

Место нахождения: Russian Federation / / Volgograd

Язык анкеты: Английский

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