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Имя: anna
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Рост: 171 cm.

Возраст: 40

Цель знакомства: Брак

Пол: Женщинa

Дети: Нет детей

Семейное положение: Не в браке

Знание языков: Пол партнера:

О себе: The main thing that trusted each other.
And certainly liked and understood me.
For me the most important that at the person in soul.

О партнере: I the man which is tired to be lonely and shall be glad to see anyone who will answer me.
Hope we, at least we become friends, but I want to find the half at last.

Место нахождения: Russian Federation / / Nizhniy Novgorod (Ex Gorkiy)

Язык анкеты: Английский

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