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Имя: Dan
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Рост: 175 cm.

Возраст: 53

Цель знакомства: Брак

Пол: Мужчинa

Дети: Нет детей

Семейное положение: Не в браке

Знание языков: - Английский
Пол партнера: - Женщину

О себе: I am a country boy, no cities for me. I like quiet and calm. I do not drink, smoke, take drugs, and never have. I am very honest, so be careful what you ask, I will tell you... Never married, just never found the right woman for me. Looking for a good woman to spend the rest of my life with. I know a lot of what I ma looking for... and who I am ...

О партнере: I would like a tall woman, 5\'7" -5\'10" 1.7 to 1.76m tall. strong morals, kind smart, able to stand up for herself, but feeling like she always has to.

Место нахождения: United States / Maine / Bangor

Язык анкеты: Английский

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