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Имя: Alain Petite
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Рост: 170 cm.

Возраст: 55

Цель знакомства: Брак

Пол: Мужчинa

Дети: Есть

Семейное положение: Не в браке

Знание языков: - Английский
Пол партнера: - Мужчину

О себе: I am Alain from the beautiful paradise island of Mauritius , just left to Australia
I saw your profile and would like to be friend if you accept of course , I am separated
since 3 years and is now living with my son of 6 years old . I am in the business sector,
secretary of companies dealing with casino, bookmaker and insurance! I can speak English, French and Spanish ( I am learning by myself )

If you see we can have a true and sincere relationship you can join me on msn .

Thanking you in advance

Alain !

О партнере: lovely sweet and tender

Место нахождения: Mauritius / / Port Louis

Язык анкеты: Английский

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